Why the name ‘Sparkling Suitcase’?


Our head is just like a suitcase- the lighter, the better ! But if stuffed it becomes difficult to carry it! Similarly the negative thoughts, stress, unwanted distractions burden us and makes it difficult to be happy! So keep it light ! Just smile  and sparkle!


The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari : Book Review 

With words comes power that an author pumps into your head. You are magic Mr. Robin Sharma! 

What a super book! A story of a lawyer Julian, who lives a very busy, out of balance lifestyle and who suddenly collapses in the courtroom one fine day. He is the most renowned, respected and powerful lawyer of his times. The greed for money and the hunger for fame makes him peace blind. 

Only after he collapses, he decides to quit his profession and come to India 🇮🇳 to find the real meaning of his existence. 

He wants to meet the monks in Sivana also known as the sages of Sivana who are known to live for over hundred years with utmost happiness and enlightenment. He happens to meet yogi Krishnan who changes Julian’s life altogether with the help of his teachings. 

Julian then goes back to his hometown to share the secret of happiness and success with his former colleague John and the beautiful chapters unfolds one after the other. Written with heart touching and inspiring examples, It is a brilliant and a must read book. 

Here are some excerpts:

1. Find out what you truly love to do and then direct all of your energy towards doing it. Once you are concentrating your mental power and energy on a pursuit that you love, abundance flows into your life and all your desires are fullfilled with ease and grace ! 

2. Never forget that there is power in silence and stillness. Stillness is the stepping stone to connecting with the universal source of intelligence that throbs through every living thing. 

3. Fatigue dominates the lives of those who are living without directions and dreams .

4. Questions are the most effective method of eliciting knowledge. 

5. Spending one hour a day tending to yourself will surely give you dramatic results in 30 days .

6. The quality of your own life will come down to the quality of your contribution. 

A visit to Red Carpet wax museum 

We recently visited the much hyped red carpet wax museum at R- city mall, ghatkopar, Mumbai. Located at the corner of the first floor, it is quite a hidden museum. They charge 400 Rs for an adult entry and 250 for kids. 

What we liked? 

1. There were props besides each statue and the staff helped the guests use props to take pictures with the statues. 

2. The lights and the music matched the theme of each statue. 

3. The entry to the museum gives you a feel of the red carpet. There are tons of camera that flashes light and cheers for you when you enter the museum. 

What we did not like? 

1. There are just about 20 odd statues. We expected more. 

2. We completed our tour in less than 30 minutes. The prices can be slashed on weekdays. 


Sis playing guitar for Michael Jackson. 

Me trying to scare my sister in the haunted house (bhoooooo) 

With Mr. Barack Obama.

Playing a pirate. 

Hey Jackie, show me some moves!

My childhood crush ….Harry Potter 😍

Bless me sir Einstein

She is the Queen of the queens 

A Do or die leader. Our beloved Bapu.

A 3D animation at the museum 


Bow to the Star warrior!

Angelina Jolie, you have always been my favourite

Playing drums 

With the badminton ace Sania Nehwal. 

Let’s play WWE

ZOOPPPP…. look behind you little girl 

Gangnam style ! 

We hope you enjoyed reading our post!

My strangest dream

Thanks a lot curiosityalive for this wonderful idea of writing about my strangest dream.

Me and my friends- Nisha, Rita, Julian and Karan decided to go for a picnic to a National Park. 

We packed our lunches, some important things like mobile, torch, an old map, caps, and  binoculars. 

We rode our bicycles to the park. We decided to go exploring the caves. We went there. It was open to the public but not a single person was to be seen there. 

Still, we went inside. It was nothing much actually when we started. Chattering and laughing, we did not realise where we have come. We did not pay attention to the routes we had come through.

We tried our best to find the way out but we failed. Alas! We were lost in the dark, deep caves which seemed to have no end, with just one torch to guide us. 

Tired, we sat down. We tried a hundred times to place a call but we could not because there was no network. We had some food, not as merrily as we had expected to, but at least trying to smile to cheer each other up.

After we finished our meal, we stood up, to again hopefully find the way out of this awful labyrinth. Well, we had hardly any hopes because it was almost 4 hours since we were wandering in the caves.

Suddenly, Nisha fell after her leg went against something like a handle coming right out of the wall. When we shone our torch around it, we were alarmed. There were small peices of bones and some mysterious drawings which looked like some ancient symbols.

We could have at the most took a photo of it and moved on. But there was something which tempted us to pull the handle. Julian moved it in a certain way, and as quietly as it could, the wall moved like a sliding door. But when we went inside, lots and lots of bats appeared from out of the blue and I opened my eyes, trying to catch my breath, lying on the floor besides my bed.

It wasn’t a complete story. It made me think about it day and night. What was in that secret chamber? Was it a treasure or something? Or a secret hiding place? Did we find out way out? What happened next? These questions still bother me and I just can’t help thinking about it.

Have you ever got such a weird dream?

25 principles I adopt as I turn 25! 

It is going to be my 25 th birthday on the  4th of September(hurray!) quarter century down the life line.

It is 1AM right now and I just finished talking to my best friend who is more excited than me for planning my birthday dinner. I was reading a book before she called and I suddenly feel less excited to hit the dance floor, to party hard or to keep our usual plans on. I rather want to read my book, go on a walk by the beach or make myself a hot chocolate. 

25 principles that I adopt:

1. Choose happiness. Be it your job, your friends, your hobbies or your favourite web series. Do what makes you happy

2. Fix your problems rather than procrastinating.

3. Kiss mommy often 

4. Keep cellphones away. It is such a nuisance. We are glued to it all the time. 

5. Make few but true friends 

6.  Invest in stocks 

7. Get up early in the morning to make your own lunch before heading to work or study 

8. Stop eating junk

9.  Plan funds for your wedding 

10. Plan funds for a foreign trip with parents before getting married 

11. Go with lesser money to shop clothes. They are waste of money. Buy gold instead 

12. Stop watching crime patrol and negative serials on the television 

13. Pat everyday to Shiro, he is my building dog who keeps following me every morning as I catch an auto and I simply avoid him. 

Spend time and value people who care for you and your pet who cares even more but cannot express by words. 

14. Stop freaking out of lizards 🦎 they actually help keep pest at bay 

15. Give time to your hobbies 

16. Oil your hair occasionsly 

17. Eat dry fruits 

18. Listen to your body. Rest when necessary 

19. Keep a poker face. Keep things to yourself. Do not show your emotions  or trust people unnecessarily 

20. Say ‘ thank you ‘ more often 

21. Go to temple with mom and help her buy grocery 

22. Drive on weekends. Learn to drive on a highway 

23. Stop applying make up everyday. It is completely fine to have Dark circles or tanned lips 

24. Laugh your heart out each day. Promise your self to do it. I feel blessed to have half cracked and light hearted friends around me. Keep aside the Sophistication. Fart out loud and laugh 😂 

25. Eat less cake today ! Calories count! 

Thank you in advance for your birthday wishes. I am glad to have 150 bloggers follow my blog in just 4 months. Thank you again. Stay blessed! 

The Alchemist: Book Review 

    Paulo Coelho has beautifully written a story of a shepherd who had a dream of a treasure in a far away land of Egypt. Alchemy is the science of conversion of lead into gold. Here the author means the conversion of a normal man to a learned and wise man. The one who is not scared to take chances and follow his destiny and the one who listens to his heart. Who can understand the unspoken words and the one who knows the reason of his being on earth. 

The shepherd was scared at first to follow his destiny but one fine day he finds the courage to follow his heart into distant lands to find the hidden treasure (all thanks to an old king who was none other than god) He sold his sheep and set out with the money. He was robbed on his way. He was beaten. He lost everything. His courage was shattered. He worked at a crystal shop for a year and gathered enough money to cross the desert and reach the pyramids.

He joined a caravan where he met other people who wanted to cross the desert too. He fell in love with a women of the desert at the oasis. He did not want to leave her to find the treasure but she gave him the strength to follow his dreams. When he moved on, he was stuck in a war of tribes in the desert and was about to die when an alchemist saved his life who taught him lessons of life. He finally reached the pyramids and understood where his treasure awaited him. 

The book says :

1. Where your treasure is , there should also be your heart.

2. When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it. 

3. Never stop dreaming. 

4. Intution is a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories of all people are connected and we are all able to know everything because it’s all written there. 

5. We are afraid of losing what we have , whether it’s our life or our possessions and property. But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and history of the world were written by the same hand. 

Recipe- corn chaat

Thanks a lot tachiwi (bajezen.blog) for asking about my comfort food.

This is my favorite and also a very easy dish to make. And the best thing, it is healthy!

You can make it in several ways, as you like. As for me, I am a pure vegetarian and also a very very lazy person ( at least in terms of cooking). This is the way I like to make it.


1. Boiled corn.

2. Mayonnaise and cheese.

3. Salt, oregano, pepper, chilly flakes and lemon juice.

4. Basil(Tulsi) leaves or mint leaves and tomato sauce for garnishing.


 1. Melt the cheese.  

 2. Add the mayonnaise and mix well.

 3. Add the corn and let it absorb the mixture and add the spices and salt. 

 4. Off the stove after 2-3 minutes of cooking and garnish with basil/mint leaves and tomato sauce or as you like.

 5. Serve hot and enjoy!

It never takes me more than 15 minutes to make it. Delicious! Let me know about your views in the comments.

Ask for a post

Thank you so much guys! 

Just because of your love and support, we have crossed 100 followers! We had never expected such a big and bright response for our blog in just three months. But you guys always encouraged and inspired us to write our best and we know that you will always do.

As a piece of gratitude, we want you to ask for a post. It can be anything- a recipe, hacks, reviews, news or just any simple scientific question that just passed through your head, etc. Just comment what you want in this post. It can even be a post with just pictures. If we think it’s a relevant subject, we will write a post specially for you, mention you and let you know about it.

Again, thanks a ton pals! I hope we’ll have some really interesting things to write up for you.

Life’s Golden Ticket – An Inspirational Novel 

I just finished reading a very inspiring book called : Life’s Golden Ticket 

It is a story of a man who is so trapped in the prisons of his past that he cannot see the possibilities, the choices and the gifts that are right in front of him. 

At the behest of his fiancée, Mary , who is in a hospital bed, he takes a mysterious envelope from her and makes his way to an abandoned amusement park. Mary was missing since 40 days ever since she visited the park. She was hit by a truck on day 40 which landed her in the hospital. When the author met Mary, he was given a admission ticket to the park in an envelope. The deserted park magically comes to life once the author enters the park. 

He meets a ground keeper and together they explore the park to know what had happened to Mary. The author has given wonderful life lessons in each chapter. 

Conclusion: The author himself goes missing by spending 40 days in the park. He learnt how he has let his past affect his present and future. How he should see the good side of – whatever happens in life. At last, he learnt HOPE is the key to survival. 

Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for a : it could happen. Hope for your dreams come true. Just don’t leave hope! 

Very Inspiring!!!

Some excerpts:

P. S:  I was always a fiction book reader. This was my first ever different genre read and I loved it. Kindly suggest some motivational books in the comments. I am looking forward to reading them. They pump a lot of positive vibes in you and help you feel optimistic. Thank you for your help. 

What happens in Matheran, Stays in Matheran- A spooky encounter! 

Matheran is a beautiful hill station in Maharashtra. It is a pollution free area where vehicles are not allowed to enter. You can explore the place on horses or trek your way. It is a cool and  foggy place characterised by heavy rains, lush  greenery, white rainfalls and always hungry monkeys 🐒 

We stayed at the horseland resort which is the best place to stay there. We celebrated the birthday of our two friends and stayed indoors the first night. On the second day began the real adventure…

Me and my two girl friends wanted to explore the place and we set off with a promise to return to our hotel before 6 pm. It was 3.30 pm when we waived bye to our friends who opted to play snooker and enjoy a drink rather than walking in the muck. 

Hiring a horse was a bit expensive so we decided to walk till we can and hire the horses only after we were very tired.

 4.30 pm and we were at the echo point . Checked. It was fun and the weather was good. We sang songs, held each other’s hands, laughed over odd things !

We were having the time of our life! 

5.15 – We reached the lake point where there was a dam and a lovely waterfall ! 

We stopped by for a freshly roasted sweet corn when my friend inquired to the seller if there are any other points to explore. The little boy told us about the highest point in Matheran – point Louisa 

We still had some energy and time left and decided to go. We were lucky to find a couple on horses with a guide who were heading to the same place. We started following them. Turns and turns and turns took us to this breathtaking place! We felt like on top of the world ! Pictures pictures pictures. We did not realise we took a hell lot of time and  the couple with us had left already. 

We started heading down …..

We walked 20 mins down and we had to choose from two directions. We decided to go left ! It was water clogged everywhere. Suddenly we started hearing a whistling sound from the bushes . Twinle Twinle little star whistle to be presised. We ignored. 

It was pouring continuously. The fog made the visibility worse. Plus the clock was ticking fast. Our mobile had no network. There was no one to ask for help. We walked and walked and came back to the same place from where we had decided to take a LEFT !!!!

Okay! We took left and came back from right. So there has to be some other way. We were again heading towards Louisa point. No this is the same route, said one of my friend who is very good at roads. She said we should not take the right turn and go left this time . That will help us take find the way.

We started walking. The whistling sound continued. I felt uncomfortable. We came across a board : Krishna hotel. We decided to ask for help . One of my friend took the stairs down and hurriedly came up. She told us to keep walking and look back. 

We kept walking.. We were curious to know what she had seen there. In little light and thick fog we reached a dead end. We saw a marble structure with similar structures at distance. My friend turned on the phone battery to read what was it. It said late Rebecca…. 

hell no, we were in a graveyard! 

We ran back in the opposite direction!  There was little light. My heart was racing. I was breathless. I wanted to go home. We started praying loudly while running. We walked walked walked and walked. Suddenly I could see a small makeshift house with a small bulb down the hill. 

Should we go or not ? What if the person is drunk or has weapons? We were three girls. My friend calmed us down and said we will see if we can ask for help and approach the person. We went and peeped to find a young man making a meal. We asked for help . He assured us Matheran that is extremely safe and he will come to drop us till the resort. Yeay ! 

It was 8.00 pm when  we  reached. One of my friend rushed to the room for loo. 

We thanked him for his help. He said koi baat nahi ! He said people do get lost it’s okay! Happens. We apologised as he had to delay his meal time and could be hungry. We told him to sit in the chair outside the watchman cabin just for 2 mins. I and my friend hurriedly went in to buy some snacks which are available at a shop opposite the reception . We returned to see him gone.

I asked the watchman in his cabin about the guy who was seated. He said WHICH GUY? There was no one ma’am.

Has the watchman gone nuts ? Or is he drunk ! My friend quickly went out of the main gate to find no one miles and miles away on the down wards slope lit by lights. 

I started shivering due to the cold weather and fear. When my friends explained it was a good soul who helped you girls out ! 

P.S – I still think the watchman was not attentive or maybe that person would have taken a different route to go back! I don’t want to think about it ! 

All about books – 1

The word ‘books’ means different for everyone. Some think of textbooks, some of recipe books, some of novels or some or the other things. But have you ever wondered why humans are so attached with books?

Right from since man ever learned to scribble, books had been there. This might seem insane but it is true. Not actual books, though. Just as man used to draw on cave walls, he started drawing on the small and big stones and collected them. 

Then, as man learnt to write, he wrote manuscripts. Gradually, with the progress in language, the progress in writing and books also took place. Till a certain period, people used to write books with their own hands which was not only very low-productive but was also very time consuming. But as the typewriters were invented, the printing of books started taking place on a large scale. Today, anyone can print anything using printers and 3 D printers.

Books are a very precious source of history. Many epics, Vedas , yogas, etc. are described in ancient books. Whatever knowledge we have today about the history of the man and the precious skills like agriculture, yoga, Vedas, and so on, about 35-40% is taken from ancient books and manuscripts which were found and are still being found. Thus, we can conclude that books are a real treasure to understand our origins and various knowledges.