Why the name ‘Sparkling Suitcase’?


Our head is just like a suitcase- the lighter, the better ! But if stuffed it becomes difficult to carry it! Similarly the negative thoughts, stress, unwanted distractions burden us and makes it difficult to be happy! So keep it light ! Just smile ย and sparkle!

My last day at office – Farewell Snapshots

The day started with a hot cup of coffee with bunch of colleagues. Remembering the old pre corona days with target pressure and our odd jugad strategies. How we helped each other survive in a corporate jungle. Though we were just colleagues, we shared a warm bonding and also knew ‘things’ which were less known by others in office.
Took pictures of this place. It was our team outing favourite. How we would hog at lunch coz it was all sponsored
I could spend all my life here! Reading what I love to! I just wanted to stay here rather than giving a farewell speach.
I always have a thing for glitter unicorns. I just love the vibe they emit. So colorful and happy it looked.
And than I found more of them …
And some more ๐Ÿ˜
Hello captain America ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Hi Hulk. I could totally feel his pain. I had the same emotion. People wanted to celebrate my last day and I was totally not wanting to. I had nothing to celebrate. Absolutely nothing.
The beautiful celing looked so stunning
I treated myself with my favourite passterie. Theobroma
Walked with a heavy heart
All ready to say final goodbye. Give my exit interview
Good bye ๐Ÿ‘‹
I left for home. The emotional side of me was holding back tears. I was walking away with lots of memories and learning. I looked back one last time, smiled and captured this beautiful picture. Au Revoir.

Village – A reservoir of tranquility

Life happens.

All about my recent village trip – February 2021.

Although corona vaccines were out and life was slowly coming back on track, I was a bit bewildered when my parents announced a short vacation to my village. I had just quit my job, was anxiety gripped of what lay ahead and was so lost in the grind that I had no time to stop, and smell the roses.

With face shields on and bottles of sanitizers by our side, we left for Gujarat in public transport buses. We reached after 20 hours of long bus journey and were greeted by my uncle and aunty. Relatives kept dropping by all day. I was on toes doing different house chores but felt better meeting so many people, doing small celebrations.

The next morning, I went to my farm. I enjoyed seeing paddy fields, plucking fruits and vegetables, milking the cow, taking long walks.

A cat surprised me latter that day. I named her Kittu. We soon became good friends. The blue skies, the cool breeze, the chirping of birds, the fragrance of flowers, the taste of food cooked in earthen wear all helped me feel so much better. I started meditation, sleeping better and seeing sunrise everyday. It felt magical. I felt tranquil. Nothing to do all day but still so much at peace. I felt connected with Nature. I would walk and stop by the river, feed fishes and dip my feet in the cool water.

It has been 20 days since I am back in Mumbai and am back in the grind. Although I prefer being a workaholic, I miss my village. I call it a reservoir of tranquility.

Some pictures –

I miss her so much – Kittu, my cat
Celebrating anniversary
Sunrise from my farm
Mango flowers in full bloom
My cow – Lakhshmi
Peacock spotted
Milking cows
Plucking fruits
Paddy fields
Enjoying ice golas as a desert ritual
Frog spotted

This too shall pass!

blog 2

Hello Readers!

I am logging into my blog after 2 years.ย  I have thoroughly enjoyed anonymous blogging over past 1 year on Ghost.org

Today when I introspect on the current situation and how life has slowed down due to the Corona Virus outbreak in Mumbai, there is panic, fear and confusion surrounding us. With malls, restaurants, cinemas, colleges being shut down, we do not know if the situation may get worse. With all the negative news around, lets realize that we are spending more time together with our families, doing things we wanted to do since long, taking the time to exercise. The hectic pace of the world has slowed, less planes flying around, air around us is cleaner, streets are less noisy and we are breathing consciously.

News channels are fueling fear, unnecessary forwards are scaring us. Lets wear a mask on our head too. Lets only absorb the needful information and not believe in rumors. Maintain good hygiene and social distancing , wear a clean cotton duppata or a basic mask. Every day teaches us something new, let’s not leave hope in the days of dispair. Every night is followed by the sunshine.

This too shall pass.


All that we have control over are our thoughts and actions.

Let’s convince ourselves that people are generally good and they mean well. They like themselves to be thought highly of- because they have good intents. As fellow humans, everyone is worthy of our empathy. They deserve love first, judgement second. We should have hearts that empathise, apologise, introspect, grow and understand that all we can control at the end of the day is ourselves- our own thoughts and actions.

It’s easy to blame others, focussing on their actions rather than our reaction. Of course they are responsible too but it’s not our domain to make them aware of this. All we have at the end of the day is our truth- our actions, our thoughts and choices. And we have the power to either dwell on “what they did” or choose to claim ownership and responsibility and resume our rightful power over our own life.

10 days in banglore

I have been travelling since past one month and ended my trip in banglore which is a IT Hub of India.

Banglore is a perfect mix of good weather, good people and good food. I stayed at yelanka area which is outside the main city. I visited the Manipal academy of banking, Lalbaug and cubbon parks. I also visited the bustling M.G ROAD, Brigade Road and korabangla which houses some of the finest restaurants.

Things I learnt:

1. To order ola and uber well before the required time since the city is congested with traffic.

2. To not eat dominos or other brands since their taste differ significantly from mumbai . Prefer local Udupi restaurants rather

3. I also learnt to speak basic sentences in Tamil and Kannada ๐Ÿ˜Š

Some snapshots :

A rainy day at the cubbon park

that’s the best known banglore ice cream cream stone me trying fishing ๐ŸŽฃ at the Hebbal lake

It’s all in the Planets๐ŸŒ’ :book review

Do you believe in astrology?

Reading daily predictions in newspapers?

I always thought it could never be true. How can anyone know our immediate future?

Reading this book, again a masterpiece from Preeti Shenoy (reading her third book in a row) tells me that astrology is based on 1. Astronomy which is science of stars, planets and heavenly bodies

2. Mathematics which is calculation of the distance of the heavenly bodies between each other that can help us gauge the intensity of effects of planets

3. Predictions which are based on the observations of the above two

It is a story of :

Aniket : a plump guy with a beer belly who is a software engineer and looks average with a very hot girlfriend

He is simple and values his girlfriend above everything who in reality doesn’t love him and is double dating him.

Trish : The model girlfriend who is lose on character and drinks too much. She climbs on the parapet on the terrace in a party and dies at the end of the story.

Nidhi: A 32 year old who is unmarried and has quit her corporate job to pursue her hobbies. She meets Aniket as a co passenger in the train. But they instantly become friends.

Darshita Sen: The daily forecast astrologer.

The book has 32 chapters with alternate chapters on Aniket and Nidhi. A total of 306 pages.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as it was a new subject completely. I had to google some terms and it much fun to be absorbed in the book completely.

Here are some excerpts:

The Secret Wish list: Book Review

I have become a fan of Preeti Shenoy. She writes about the unsaid rules about women in Indian Society so beautifully.

The story is of a girl Diksha who had fallen in love with a guy Ankit at 16 and was caught kissing by her brother and a teacher. What followed was a horrible thing. She was pulled out of the school and the family shifted to a far off place. She was married off to an unknown guy at 19 and got pregnant soon.

She stayed at home to take care of the house and the family only to be taken for granted. She was always treated as a maid and as a dumb lady good for nothing by her well earning husband. He never respected her .. not even in bed.

She changed her dressing habits, killed her hobbies, never raised her voice against her husband only to keep her parents and the society happy. After all she was dependent on him financially.

At 35, her cousin Vibha who was a career conscious women having a good job lost her husband and asked her to come to Hyderabad. She then explained that life is short and you must pen down what you want in life and do it.

The story takes a drastic turn with Ankit coming back to her life after 18 years and giving her the voice and confidence to change her life.

The story is about an Indian women I so connect with. Unsaid rules I do adhere too. It is about true love and about a KISS in a conservative land that can change a girls life.

Some excerpts :

The sheer joy of Christmas ๐ŸŽ„

It is that time of the year! Lit up homes… sparkling decor.. plum cakes… secret Santa… Christmas smiles. I so love it ๐Ÿ˜

It’s time to scatter joy and happiness wherever we go and stay healthy, wealthy and joyous for all the 365 days of the upcoming year and get tons of opportunities, blessings and good friends too! Most importantly, be happy and let go the past. Live in the moment. Smile often and seek happiness in the small things in life.

Yesterday I went to a mall, watched Star Wars, ate Mexican food, did baking and met my friend who gave me a Christmas present. The best part was watching the cricket match on Tv with my father and cheering aloud!

Christmas holidays are the best. I was thrilled to see the pictures and videos of my friends on Snapchat. Most of them are in USA doing their masters and some in other parts of the world. The best from all the pictures were of New York. People ice skating around the Christmas tree. I so want to do it !

Today is Christmas and I want to spend the whole day only with my family and my books. I am more than happy to share that my younger sister saved up from her pocket money to buy a barbie doll for our maid’s daughter. Dear Shivani, we are proud of your act. Be kind always. Muah ๐Ÿ’‹

Me trying to camouflage with the candies Star Wars in 4D was mind blowing. The Jedi will stay forever.

My favourite is burritos and tacos ๐ŸŒฎ I love Mexican cuisine ๐ŸŽŠ Peep… Peep ….Make way for Mr.Santa That’s my Christmas gift from my so called ‘secret Santa ‘.

That’s such a cute stocking made by Shivani. She is an amazing artist.

Joy resounds in the Hearts of those who believe in the Miracle of Christmas!๐Ÿ˜‡โœจ

May you receive a lots of Happy moments & good wishes in your life Ahead ๐Ÿ˜˜๐ŸŽ

Stay Happy & Positive forever โœจ

Wish you a Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ„โ™ฅ๏ธ

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Life is what you make it: Book Review

A story of a 21 year old girl Ankita who came from a humble background and was hardworking, smart, talented and good looking. A topper in school, Vice President of the students council at college, she was proposed by Abhi who was just like her but not so career focussed. He was mad in love with her.

Ankita was already in a long distance relationship with Vaibhav who was studying at IIT DELHI. She felt sympathetic towards Abhi as he had no parents and a tough life.

Things changed when Abhi was found dead drowned in the sea after Ankita broke up with him as she was moving to Bombay from Cochin to pursue her MBA.

She was upset but soon recovered. Abhi’s grandpa had said to her at abhis funeral that one should never “belittle love โค๏ธ ”

She dint care. She was blinded by her ambition. She moved on to do her MBA from a premier institute in Bombay.

She made notes, did sprints,juggled through the chores and was so much engrossed in all that that she never slept. She became over enthusiastic about every little thing and became a reservoir of energy. At the same time, her behaviour was slowly changing. She got angry over pity things, jogged for hours, remembered every single line of the books, did everything to a limitless extent.

Things changed when her parents once found out the love letters from her bedroom. From there on,She became quiet, lost confidence, got panic attacks, became anxiety prone, could not study or jog, put on lot of weight.

She felt depressed, useless, lonely. She threw things in her room. She cut her hand. She tried to die….twice !

Preeti Shenoy has thrown light on people suffering from bipolar disorder. What is it and how one can recover from it. Millions of people from across the globe face it but do not try to come out of it or accept it! How one can get back to a normal life and things can change if we strive to!

Ankita was later taken to many psychiatric s. She was admitted to a mental hospital. A topper at school, an all rounder and a talented girl had suddenly lost to the tricks of life!

A beautiful story of how she recovered and came back to tracks!

At times in life degrees and grades don’t matter……. love and time dies

At times ….it’s just good to be a mediocre!

Here are some excerpts:

Happy reading guys ! Happy weekend. Have a great one.